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Tech Armor 120 ML Pro Cleaning Kit with ExtraMove Formula and Cleansing Wipes



  • Compatible Model(s): Tech Armor water based TechClean gel formula is safe for ALL electronic Devices.
  • WHAT ARE TECH ARMOR CLEANING KITS . Tech Armor Cleaning Kits Include TechClean Gel Screen Cleaner, Mircofiber Polishing Cloth and Ammonia / No Alcohol Wipes.
  • HOW DO TECH ARMOR CLEANING KITS WORK . Tech Armor Cleaning Kits are the convenient way to keep your display clean and unobscured. Whether on the go or relaxing at home, our cleaning products offer unrivaled clarity and are 100 percent safe for all electronics.
  • WHY BUY TECH ARMOR CLEANING KITS . Tech Armor is THE trusted online resource for screen protection. If you only accept the BEST to protect your Universal, look no further.


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Tech Armor 120 ML Pro Cleaning Kit with ExtraMove Formula and Cleansing Wipes

Restore Your Screen to Perfect Clarity

The Tech Armor Cleaning Kit uses TechClean Purify Go products for maximum care of laptops, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices! The Purify Go formula cleans your screen, while providing a lasting, clear coat finish that makes your device screen smoother to the touch.

Both Alcohol and Ammonia Free, our formula is safe for all high-tech device screens and works with all Tech Armor Screen Protectors. TechClean Device Cleaning Wipes are pre-moistened tissues designed for people on the go.

  • Do NOT mix with other chemicals.
  • Do NOT spray in or around eyes.

Remove Germs, Bacteria, Fingerprints

Did you know mobile phones carry TEN TIMES more bacteria than a toilet seat?!
Anytime you touch your phone, whether to your face (while talking) or simply touching the screen, you are allowing germs and bacteria to access your system. One study suggests that we touch our phones 2600+ times per day, while another has this number MUCH higher at 5400.

The Tech Armor Cleaning Kit washes away harmful germs and bacteria to keep your devices as safe as possible. In addition to keeping your personal phone germ-free, this kit is excellent for:

  • Children’s tablets / readers
  • Portable gaming devices (like the new Nintendo Switch)
  • Laptop screens, keyboards and trackpads
  • and MANY more!

All You Need in One, Complete Set

We’ve included TWO bottles of our Purify Go formula (120 mL and 60 mL) so you can keep one at home and carry one with you! Safe for ALL electronic devices.

Your screen is constantly bombarded with dust, dirt, grime and germs. Our complete Cleaning Kit includes 20 pre-moistened, double strength Cleansing Wipes that are individually packaged and ready to travel!

Enjoy TWO microfiber polishing cloths to keep one with each bottle of our Purify Go formula. The gentle fabric is safe on your screen, while the textured cloth pulls away stubborn particles and greasy fingerprints.


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