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Pandaren STUDDED Anti-slip Silicone Cover Skin


  • *Customized* High quality silicone cover case personalized PlaySation 4 (PS4 /SLIM /PRO) controllers
  • *Super Fit* Fit exactly over the PlaySation 4 (PS4 /SLIM /PRO) controller
  • *Enhanced Grip* Specifically designed surface shape STUDDED and high quality material Provides improved grip feeling during gameplay, prevent slip
  • *Protection* Protects your controller from shocks, scratches
  • *FPS PRO Thumb Grips* FPS pro Thumb Grips x 8 included to improve experience of analog stick, especially in FPS games get more Precision

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Pandaren STUDDED Anti-slip Silicone Cover Skin Set for PS4 /SLIM /PRO controller(controller skin x 3 + FPS PRO Thumb Grips
Material: siliconeUsage: Provides protection and grip, Customize.Compatible: PlaySation 4 (PS4 /SLIM /PRO) controllerPackage included:3pcs x Controller Silicone Skin8pcs x FPS Thumb Grips
High quality silicone cover case personalized PlaySation 4 controllers Fit exactly for PlaySation 4 controller
Specifically designed surface shape STUDDED and high quality material Provides improved grip feeling during gameplay, prevent slip Protects your controller from shocks, scratches.
FPS pro Thumb Grips x 8 included to improve experience of analog stick, especially in FPS games get more Precision.
Note: PS4 controllers are not included



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