Heroes of the Storm History

Heroes of the Storm History

The sands of time

When you’re an immortal time-hopping dragon masquerading as a gnome, you typically know what’s going to happen well in advance. The one exception is the Nexus, that swirling maelstrom of interdimensional trickery. Even Chromie never knows what’s going to happen in there. That’s what makes it so fun.

Just look at everything that’s changed in the past few years. Fresh faces, heroic overhauls, ever-zanier new Battlegrounds… it’s been a wild ride. This isn’t your grandfather’s Heroes of the Storm—though he’s certainly welcome to play!

Take a spin through our timeline, which highlights just a few of the amazing things we’ve added to the game since launch, and you’ll understand why we’re calling our latest update Heroes of the Storm 2.0. With all the new features, Battlegrounds, and events, Heroes of the Storm is a rollicking carnival of multiversal mayhem.

Heroes of the Storm History

Spring 2015

The Beta

On January 13, 2015, the Heroes of the Storm closed beta invited the public into the Nexus for the first time. By the time Heroes of the Dorm brought collegiate esports to ESPN on April 26, much had already been accomplished—but the journey was just beginning.

New Heroes:
Thrall * The Lost Vikings * Sylvanas * Kael’thas

Major Updates:
New Battleground: Sky Temple
New Battleground: Tomb of the Spider Queen
Lunar Festival Comes to the Nexus
Mecha Tassadar Legendary Skin
The First Heroes of the Dorm

June 2015


Heroes of the Storm officially launched on June 2, 2015, with more than 30 playable Heroes, 7 dynamic Battlegrounds, 130 skins, and plans for much more!

Major Updates:
Heroes of the Storm London Launch Event

Summer 2015

Eternal Conflict

Legions of angels and demons poured into the Nexus after a collision with the Diablo universe. Out of the chaos emerged many new Heroes, along with the scintillating battlegrounds Battlefield of Eternity and Infernal Shrines.

New Heroes:
Johanna * The Butcher * Leoric * Kharazim

Major Updates:
Special Event: Eternal Conflict
New Battleground: Battlefield of Eternity
New Battleground: Infernal Shrines

Fall 2015

From Hallow’s End to BlizzCon

The first Hallow’s End in the Nexus was a time of crepuscular cheer. New Heroes joined the ranks, including Cho’gall, the first two-player hero in MOBA history. Towers of Doom became the most revolutionary Battleground yet. And at BlizzCon 2015, Cloud 9 was crowned the greatest team in the world—though it was clear their reign would not go unchallenged for long.

New Heroes:
Rexxar * Lt. Morales * Artanis * Cho’gall

Major Updates:
The First Hallow’s End Celebration
Heroes of the Storm World Championship at BlizzCon
New Battleground: Towers of Doom

Winter 2015 to Spring 2016

Winter Turns to Spring

As winter gave way to spring, and Heroes of the Storm celebrated its second Lunar Festival, several new Heroes took the field of battle. When the second annual Heroes of the Dorm collegiate championship rolled around, even the Lord of Sin got into the action, donning a jersey for the legendary Azmodunk skin.

New Heroes:
Lunara * Greymane * Li-Ming * Xul * Dehaka * Tracer * Chromie

Major Updates:
Our First Winter Veil Together
Space Lord Leoric Legendary Skin
Heroes of the Dorm & Azmodunk Legendary Skin

Summer 2016

Ranked Revamp

In 2016, a torrent of new adventures washed over the Nexus. Ranked play was revamped, with League Tiers, Divisions, and Seasons. Many new Heroes burst into the fray, and players were invited to explore the Lost Cavern.

New Heroes:
Medivh * Gul’dan * Auriel

Major Updates:
Ranked Play Revamp
New Battleground: Lost Cavern

Fall 2016

Machines of War

The StarCraft universe staged a gritty invasion of the Nexus in September 2016. New Heroes established a beachhead on the war-torn battlegrounds Braxis Holdout and Warhead Junction. Also in Fall 2016, the maniacal new Brawl mode invited players to square off in ever-crazier configurations of pandemonium.

New Heroes:
Alarak * Zarya * Samuro

Major Updates:
Special Event: Machines of War
New Battleground: Braxis Holdout
New Battleground: Warhead Junction
Queen of Ghosts Legendary Skin
New Mode: Brawl

Winter 2016 to Spring 2017

Heroes Defy

With big changes on the horizon, new Heroes hurled themselves into battle with fresh ferocity. The newcomer Varian became the first multi-class hero in the Nexus. The Heroes of the Storm Global Championship elevated esports to an unprecedented level. The Korean team Ballistix won BlizzCon 2016, throwing down a gauntlet for 2017.

New Heroes:
Varian * Ragnaros * Zul’jin * Valeera * Lúcio * Probius

Major Updates:
Special Event: Nexus Challenge
Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Launches
Reworked Battleground: Haunted Mines
Maraudin’Muradin Legendary Skin
Monkey King Samuro Legendary Skin

Heroes of the Storm 2.0

Years of updates culminated in Heroes of the Storm 2.0, the biggest patch in Heroes of the Storm history. But the journey doesn’t end here. We’re committed to building on this foundation, listening to your feedback and continuing to improve the Heroes experience for years to come.

(Source, Battle.net/heroes website)