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The GamerWhizz Guild is a friendly social guild that will try to become one of the best Guilds on the EU-Magtheridon Server within all aspects of the game. This means that besides fun and social events we will also focus on getting our Progressive Raid team going and want to start put a PvP team together.

We will strive to be a good and successful guild on the EU-Magtheridon realm and hope for many players to call it their virtual home.

We believe in being a helpful fun and social approach to World of WarCraft. If you now want to fly around in this magnificent game or you wish to become part of our raiding or PvP team, that choice is up to you. We organize weekly Raid, PvP and Social events.

Why should you join us? We are a very welcoming guild and we enjoy having a laugh online both in and out of raids. If you join us, you should expect plenty of banter, plenty of jokes and the occasional inappropriate comment.

So if you are looking to have some fun, do some PvP, join the occasional raid or become a part of our progressive raiding team, then GamerWhizz is the place to be for you!

Join our Guild today and apply here!

The GamerWhizz Crew

The following members are the GamerWhizz Crew who are responsible for organising raids and events, distributing loot, keeping the peace and generally maintaining the guild to make sure it is running effectively. They are always ready to help members if they are in need of something. They have the guild’s best interests at heart and strive to make sure GamerWhizz is the best guild to be a part of.

Puredigger – Guildmaster – Discord Anthonyvdv#1830
Talendal – Raidleader
Meteorclaw – Officer
Diyaka – Officer
Wildfirefly – Officer
Plaegon – Officer
Noxmortem – Officer
Stompmachine – Officer
Legitmage – PvP Leader

The GamerWhizz Rules

We want to keep GamerWhizz a fair, friendly and fun place for our members. These are the rules we stand by in order to create a fun guild to be a part of.

  • Have fun. It’s a game at the end of the day, enjoy yourself. We do enjoy a good bit of banter and the occasional bit of questionable humour, so if you find yourself not having fun, or even maybe upset or offended, please contact an Officer. Whether you are a social member or a mythic progress raider, we want people to feel good about being part of GamerWhizz.
  • Treat each other with respect. This is self-explanatory, we want everyone to feel welcome and part of the guild and the best way to do this is if we are respectful to each other, even during those tense moments where everyone wants to blame the healer for that nasty wipe, but secretly it’s that Rogue trolling around pulling extra mobs.
  • Act appropriately outside of the guild. No, we don’t mean in real life, we mean when you are in trade chat, in general chat, Facebook or any kind of public space where other Warcraft players see you. We want to have a positive reputation on our server. Remember, you are all guild ambassadors when you’re playing out in the wild as long as you have <GamerWhizz> under your name.
  • Zero-Drama Policy. We are proud to be 42 days drama-free and plan to keep it that way! But we get it, sometimes disputes happen. That’s fine but if it starts to cause problems in the guild, the officers will act accordingly by whichever action they deem fit up to and including demotion, suspension of privileges and/or a swift kick from the guild.
  • Life is a thing, apparently. We respect that people have real life commitments and being tied down to a guild or a game is something that doesn’t appeal to every player. In GamerWhizz real life comes first.

We have a discord which we would love for you to join! –

Our guild consists of several ranks to which players can achieve in many different ways. Each rank represents a responsibility or position of power and expertise, the ranks are the following:

  • Guildmaster – This rank is for the Guild Master of GamerWhizz. This rank is the overall manager of the guild.
  • Officer – This rank is for the main Officers who have a variation of tasks within the Guild. This consists of several players to which they are in-charge of a particular area or just a general overseer.
  • Raid Leader – This rank is for the official Raid Team Leader, this is the person that is responsible for organizing the raids for the GamerWhizz Guild.
  • PvP Leader – This rank is for the official PvP Team Leader, this is the person that is responsible for organizing the PvP Events for the GamerWhizz Guild.
  • Trumpet – This rank is reserved for our best players. This is a rank of high prestige as to obtain it you must have high loyalty, excellent reputation and general helpfulness. Only our best players obtain this rank.
  • Raid Gamer – This is the rank reserved for all the GamerWhizz Raid Team Members.
  • Member – This is a standard rank. This rank is a very easy one to obtain, all you need to do is put your item level (iLvL) in your note and you will gain a promotion. This rule is in-place to show us an idea of where you’re at, what we can expect from you and to see if you are able to comply with what we ask of you.
  • Recruit – This is the first rank anybody get when joining the GamerWhizz Guild.


We have a form of system to which we use to monitor players and changes in the guild as well as having a fairly strict disciplinary system. Information can be provided by asking the Guild Master or checking the “Announcements” section in our discord channel.


GamerWhizz Guild WoW